What To Do With The Space After Kids Moved Out

It’s no secret that your space has to change when kids come into the picture. The space that’s sectioned off for your stuff shrinks as your family grows. Though you may not retire as soon as your kids move out, it may be helpful to start thinking ahead.

After 18 years (give or take) and they are finally on their way out, empty nest syndrome sets in. It can be difficult to remember what it was like to have all the extra space or the extra time. Once they’re off to college or moving to their own apartments, there’s a lot to consider, especially for the DIY enthusiasts out in the world. Their next step in life can actually brings up an important topic for the next step in your own — should you sell your house and downsize, or should you stay and work on the house?

What To Do With The Space After Kids Moved Out

It’s a tough choice, and the decision only gets tougher the longer you wait. Downsizing your home has its benefits — living in a smaller home makes it easier and cheaper to upkeep, especially when it comes time to retire. Even local painters can make a world of difference for making the home feel like new. No matter the decision, repainting will do wonders for improving the value of your home, so it should be the first step you take regardless of decision.

No matter what, consider starting a remodeling project for the leftover space. Whether you see the immediate value in it with your personal hobbies, or you see it bringing more value to your home in sum, it’s always worth your time to put money back into your home. It can give a value lift to the home before you get ready to sell. Over the next five or ten years, a remodeled kitchen and bathroom will provide the best bang for your buck.

If you’re planning on staying in your home indefinitely, it’s still important to give your kitchen and bathroom those much-needed updates. Change out the toilets, the refrigerator, the dishwasher — the works. It may also be relevant to repurpose the empty kids rooms. The now-vacant room is full of endless possibilities — Will it become a guest room? Will it become a home office or an art studio? Should it instead become a home gym?

Don’t rush it and start the project immediately. Begin making a plan. Even after they leave, they expect a room to come back to. They may also leave a few things behind. Don’t let it keep you hoarding though — don’t let junk collect when you know they no longer need any of it. There’s a difference between hoarding and procrastinating getting rid of stuff, but one can lead to another.

So as you make plans for remodeling, think about how it will be used in the interim. As a result, transitioning it to a guest room may be the safest option to switch it to. Using the space for a hobby room may be more rewarding, though — a man cave or a home office can do wonders for personal happiness. Think about what you need: will it be more helpful to totally revamp the room or just replace the furniture?

People only get more creative with their empty spaces. Whatever your interest, guest needs, or personal space needs may be, an empty nest gives you a chance to pursue the home of your dreams. Even if you don’t do a major remodel, reorganizing your items and finding a painting company will do wonders for making your home feel like new again.

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