Alicante VS Valencia: Natural Parks, Architecture, Beaches and Restaurants

Spain is one of leading European countries in the touristic sphere. Not only beautiful Madrid and passionate Barcelona are in high demand. The leading position is held by seaside resorts Alicante and Valencia. What a difficult choice: Alicante VS Valencia. What are the most attractive of them and in what positions? To decide what is what, it is enough to analyze all characteristics: beaches, restaurants, architecture and natural attractions, sport and cultural events.

Alicante VS Valencia: Beach Vacation

It is said that beaches of Alicante go into one another. It is better to hire a car in Alicante to get to the beach from your hotel. Each of them has its own name, but there is no concrete border to divide them. The beaches are sandy and clean. The most of them were assigned with the Blue Flag of UNESCO. The beach infrastructure is well developed: you can take sunbeds, sunshades for rent. There is a good possibility to spend day actively interesting in kayaking, surfing or yachting.

Valencia is characterized with two important features: local football club and never ending beach line. These facts are very attractive for tourists. The beaches are situated in the city and around it. The most of beaches are assigned with the Blue Flags to be the strong guarantee of clean and safe territory.

Triatlón Triwhite Alicante 2012 ::Triwhite Cup.

Alicante VS Valencia: Cuisine and Restaurants

The people of different nationalities live in Alicante to make strong influence on the local cuisine. There are many eating establishments, where you are offered to try different dishes from different countries and nationalities. The tourists prefer popular fish restaurants to try amazing by taste seafood and fish dishes.

Valencia is the motherland of paella! You have a unique possibility to try paella in different variations. Never forget to try local drinks – orxata, made of nuts, wine and orange juice.

Alicante VS Valencia: Attractions

The hot season in Alicante is characterized with great many of attractions. The most of holidays takes place in the center of the city to gather local and tourists all together. The most exciting of them is the Fire Night.

Valencia always welcomes you to visit Albufeira National park. This is a beautiful place where you can spend the whole day by admiring nature and having picnic. The most of city holidays are usually held there. The main summer holiday is July Fair Show. The top of the festival is amazing salute of big and small flowers.

Picnic in the park

Alicante VS Valencia: City Sights

The long history of Alicante gives a chic opportunity to learn different architecture styles. You can see architectural masterpieces of Roman and Greek style. The worth visiting places are: Basilica de Santa Maria, combining elements of gothic and baroque style; Museo de la Asegurada; Castillo de Santa Barbara. The guests of the city like walking along the central boulevard made of millions of stones to make interesting decoration.

Valencia is also rich in historical attractions. It is better to start your trip from the center of the Old City, on the main city square. The most exciting architectural places are: Torres de Serranos, Gulliver Statue.

Alicante VS Valencia: Natural Parks and Gardens

Coming for rest to Alicante, the most of tourists think of beach rest and excursions. There is another way of rest in Alicante. You should walk in the local parks and forests. It is not about funny attractions and aqua parks, where locals spend their time and talk to each other. It is all about natural masterpieces, where locals like spending time to think and admire nature. Of course, not all of these places are big parks, but you can find them in different parts of the city.


Paseo de la Explanada is the most popular place to walk in Alicante. This is seashore that goes in parallel to the waterfront. Parque de Canalejas is situated close to the sea and Paseo de la Explanada to be the best visiting place in the city. You can find a lot of ficuses to make your walk shady and comfortable.

Paseo de Gomiz is seashore in Alicante that offers wide range of opportunities for all travellers. You can enjoy the taste of snacks and admirable sea views. You can also walk along the beach and spend your time greatly. Elx Park is situated on a small territory of the city square. The plants that you can see here are mostly focuses. El Parmeral is the most beautiful park in Alicante. It is situated not far from the seashore with the variety of palms, cactuses, flowers and exotic bushes. This is the best place for picnic.

What about Valencia? The nature of Valencia seems to be plain and not very interesting. It is not a secret that Spain is full of typical landscapes: green hills, forests. The land of Valencia is full of surprises. Bio Park Valencia is worthy place for everyone who does not like watching animals in the cages. The animals live in their natural environment. You can meet exotic birds and lemurs, elephants, giraffes, gorillas and other animals. The park territory is huge!


The admirable landscapes are not deficit in Valencia. Pay attention to Albufeira Park, Pola Park. They are able to surprise all visitors to be the unique combination of salt hills, flamingo colonies, and Tamarit Tower. What is the next? Parque Natural de Chera-Sot is full of geologic artifacts, lakes and waterfalls. The park Columbretes Islands is big territory, covered with volcanic sculptures of wild nature. The beauty of Valencia is on every step. You know, it is important to choose right direction.

Thus, everything is simple. The both of exiting Spanish resorts, Valencia and Alicante, are waiting to their guests. So, you should go travelling to Alicante and provinces if you like beach rest, like to eat tasty fish and seafood dishes, like walking the city alleys along the beach in the shade of palms.

You should go to Valencia if you like snow-shite beaches, like walking through the city streets for hours, want to see the salute of flowers.