Choosing The Best Lift Table For Construction

 Industrial lift tables are pieces of equipment that are commonly found within a wide variety of industries, as they can offer a number of beneficial features to the majority of people. They prove to be an especially vital piece of equipment in any business where heavy lifting is involved, and anyone that has worked within the construction industry before will be aware of just how much heavy lifting can be involved! You might even have some lasting damage.

Choosing The Best Lift Table For Construction

 It can be difficult to choose the ideal lift table for you, as there are multiple types available on the market. The four main types of lift table that you will see are:

  1. Single Scissor Lift Tables: If you were to look around businesses that use lift tables, the majority of lift tables that you would see would be single scissor lift tables. They are known for being popular, and that is probably because they are both durable and versatile. They can be used to complete a variety of tasks successfully, and one table could be used for multiple purposes.
  2. Double Scissor Lift Tables: Double scissor lift tables are slightly different when compared to their single scissor counterparts, as they have the ability to lift items to extreme heights of up to 4m. They do have to be bolted to the floor; otherwise they could prove to be a health and safety risk.
  3. Tandem Scissor Lift Tables: On the other hand, you might find yourself requiring a lift table with the ability to handle items that feature long lengths. If you are in that situation then your best option would be a tandem scissor lift table, as they have the ability to handle lengths of up to 4.4m. They are made to be incredibly stable; otherwise they wouldn’t be able to handle such lengths.
  4. Super Low Tables: Super low tables are frequently used by both businesses and industries that need to load a lift table directly, by using a pallet truck. In the past to use a pallet truck you had to dig a pit, but seen as a super low lift table features an overall height of around 85mm, there is no need to.

How can you benefit from Purchasing a Lift Table?

Within any home improvement industry there is a requirement to both lift and move objects, and you also have to work with a lot equipment on the ground, as you might not have a suitable surface space. By purchasing a lift table, you eliminate the hardships that can be felt in both of those situations. This is especially evident for people to see when they hire their own employees, as the use of an industrial lift table will reduce the risk of injury. By reducing the risk of injury, and the weight that your employees have to carry, you will see a substantial increase in productivity.

 The majority of large businesses purchase their lift tables from SaxLift, as SaxLift are known for producing lift tables that are both incredibly durable, and highly versatile. Their reputation is known to be second to none, and they even offer customizable options for customers that cannot find a viable solution to their problems.

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