Building and Maintaining An Outdoor Bed

With a bit of carpentry experience and an eye for the right supplies, building and maintaining an outdoor bed can be a worthwhile and rewarding project. Your outdoor area could get more use when it contains a comfortable bed. Gather pine boards, wood glue, screws, nails, outdoor foam and tools in your woodworking area, and you are ready to begin your project.

Building and Maintaining An Outdoor Bed

Begin by constructing the frame. First prepare your boards. Pine boards can be a sturdy, reliable choice for this project. To make the outer frame, cut four boards to the desired lengths. Secure them with wood glue, screws or nails to form a rectangle. If desired, attached legs to the inside of the frame. Attach a railing of boards across the top to support the frame. Now your frame is ready for its foam mattress and cushion cover.

Select an outdoor foam mattress in the desired shape and thickness, which you can find from online retailers like The Foam Factory. Four inches deep is usually perfect for lounging in comfort, but make sure you keep an eye on foam density as well. A foam mattress designed especially for outdoor use is necessary because it will be able to stand up to the elements. Waterproofing is a key feature that often comes along with an anti-microbial foam formula and good air circulation.

Place the mattress in a removable cushion cover for easy cleaning and in anticipation of eventual outdoor foam replacement. Maintaining an outdoor bed is easier with this cushion cover. To maintain your bed, clean it regularly and replace the foam as needed. Occasionally inspect your bed to ensure that it remains sturdy and complete repairs as needed.

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