6 Simple Ways to Add More Light to Your Living Spaces

6 Simple Ways to Add More Light to Your Living Spaces

Light, whether natural or artificial, has a huge impact on how we see things. In fact, if it wasn’t for light, we wouldn’t see them at all! Here is our quick guide to six simple ways to add extra light to your living spaces, and see your home in a completely new way!

Use Scandinavian Decor Styles to Make a Room Brighter

6 Simple Ways to Add More Light to Your Living Spaces

In the far North of Scandinavia, they can spend nearly 6 months of the year in total darkness, with no daylight. This has led to an interior design style that maximizes the available light in a room. All white walls, white rugs and white furniture are used to reflect as much light as possible, and black bordered accessories are used to add depth and define space.

Add Strategically Placed Mirrors to Add Light and Space

If you have a limited amount of light coming into a living space, then you can use mirrors to reflect that light around the room and increase visibility. Place mirrors opposite or diagonally to an existing window or light source to maximize the effect.

Be Smarter with Your Curtains, Drapes and Blinds

6 Simple Ways to Add More Light to Your Living Spaces

If natural light is at a premium in your living space, perhaps you need to change your curtains or blinds to let more light in. A thick curtain or drape can block light coming in from a window even when they are drawn. Try replacing them with curtains that reveal the window fully when they are open, and are tied back to let as much light in as possible.

Combine Rooms to Bring New Light Sources to a Space

You can make huge changes to the light in your living spaces by opening up and removing non-load bearing walls and making smaller rooms bigger. If you have two rooms next to each other with a window in each, by removing the dividing wall between them, not only do you get a larger room, you also add more light to the room as both windows are lighting the same space.

6 Simple Ways to Add More Light to Your Living Spaces

Think About Adding a Skylight, Where Possible

If you are having construction work done to your roof, why not add a skylight to your construction plans to bring a huge amount of natural light to your living space? Your roofing company should be able to advise you on styles and placement, and the light this adds will make you see your room in a completely new way.

Create a Better Lighting Scheme for Your Spaces

With the right mix of lamps and overhead lighting, you can make a dull space become vibrant with light and color. If you want a more natural light look, for daytime lighting in a dark room, then switch to a daylight bulb. These types of lightbulb produce a light that has a similar color and luminescence to natural daylight, and can often trick you into thinking they are the real thing!

With some simple additions and changes to your living spaces, you can change the way you see your home and how your spaces feel to live in. No one wants to live in a dull and dark space, so shed some light on your home!