10 Tips To Style Your Monochromatic Home

Did you know that colours have psychological properties? For instance, did you know that the color yellow is an “emotional” color, triggering optimism, confidence, and self esteem? On the other hand, violet is a “spiritual” color, and can bring out positive traits such as vision, luxury, and spiritual awareness. It only makes sense that you pick the the right color for your home, especially if you’re aiming for a monochromatic theme.

10 Tips To Style Your Monochromatic Home

1. Decide on your theme

Like many home renovation schemes, you have to decide on the look you want to achieve for your home. Do you want something grunge, country, modern or retro? This will make designing easier for you when you know what you want.

10 Tips To Style Your Monochromatic Home

2. Pick your palette

As mentioned above, the color you pick can affect your moods. As a tip, why not pick a single color for each room of the house? For instance, choose an orange tone for the dining room as it’s the color related to food and hunger. Choose blues or greens for bedrooms or bathrooms as those are more relaxing colors.

3. Start with one piece

Can’t figure out how to start at all? Once you’ve picked your theme, your chosen color, you may want to buy one big appliance and start from there. For instance, for a blue-tinted living room, purchase a big, royal blue sofa and use it as your focal point.

10 Tips To Style Your Monochromatic Home

4. Play with texture

It’s a given that you will have to try different shades or tones of the color you picked, and a great way to bring depth to your monochrome setting is by picking bold textures. Smooth granite, fluffy pillows, corduroy couches, silk throw pillows — be playful and varied with your choice of materials.

10 Tips To Style Your Monochromatic Home

5. Light

The number one aspect of your home that affects everything you see is light. For your smaller rooms, choose smooth, reflective materials such as glossy walls, mirrors and strategically place lights or special scented candles beside them. To highlight an area, form a focal point, consider spotlighting a grand piano, or the favorite painting that inspired it all. For your bedroom, go for soft lighting for a relaxing vibe.

6. Wall murals

Wall murals is more than just a big painting on a wall. A huge photograph with the same color palette of your monochromatic room can add great points for style in your home. For instance, for a green-themed room, how about a mural of a morning meadow?

10 Tips To Style Your Monochromatic Home

7. Surprising Base

Monochrome is easy once you get going, but to make your room or home really stand out, choose a specific base color. Instead of the usual neutrals, and primary colors, go for your favorite color like a specific shade of old rose, turquoise or magenta. This will form a strong impression, and have more character than other somewhat predictable palettes.

10 Tips To Style Your Monochromatic Home

8. The art of accents

Cool shades are those leaning toward blue while warm shades lean toward red. Painting masters utilize this color theory by shading their subject red, while contrasting it with a background shaded blue. Do something similar for your home. If you’ve chosen a monochrome of blue, consider picking a few accent pieces in red or orange.

10 Tips To Style Your Monochromatic Home

9. Break the Rules

If you want the harmony and ease of a monochromatic scheme but your colorful personality is bursting for something more, consider trying this loophole: Purists may consider this to be breaking the rules, but technically, black and white are not colours, just shades. Bring out your furniture with black detailing or set a blank canvas for your bright, bold cold colors with white ceilings, walls, and floors.

10 Tips To Style Your Monochromatic Home

10. Make exemptions

Imagine your whole house or room as one giant canvas of different shades of a color, but make exemptions. This can be a large grand painting, a luxurious sofa, a statement chandelier, a filled out bookshelf–whatever it is, make it colourful!

Are you ready to give your home a monochromatic design? Achieve elegance and style with a monochromatic theme now! With these tips, you’ll have a sophisticated home in no time!