Ways To Reuse Your Small Balcony

Ways To Reuse Your Small Balcony

Many residential buildings have small balconies where ‘not worth anything’ and are labeled as wasted space, and end up as storage of bicycles and children’s toys. While narrow rectangular shape and does not help much, there are economic and viable to become extensions of the department pleasant options.

Ways To Reuse Your Small Balcony

We give several ideas that you can perform without making structural modifications or affect the facade:

Privacy. The balconies are often side with others, or be in view of the opposite building or street. This awkward situation may be preventing you use it. An alternative is like elements wall on some or all sides of the balcony. To do this you need not build a wall, you can use a cane fence, wood trimmings or screens, at the height you want with 1.60m suffice, remember preserve views.

Change the look of the floor. Generally floors are concrete balconies. If you want to give more views and warmth, it changes texture; the important thing is that you do not modify the level, which happens if you put ceramic or wooden deck. Depending on your budget, you can use transit painting, there are different colors, outdoor carpet, vinyl or linoleum floor.

Use the right furniture. Here you need to take care of the size. Chances are, you have to send to make pieces of furniture, such as benches in L to tap the corners. Several brands handled outdoor furniture in different materials (metal, rattan, treated wood, plastics), just remember to measure well before buying.

Fill with plants and accessories. To make your space is comfortable, safe, comfortable wants to use surfaces such as mattresses and cushions made of weather-resistant materials. As for accessories, decorative items used as candle holders, floor and hanging pots, mini vertical garden wall, floor mats and shelves to recharge vessels or other.

Protects from the sun. If the insolation received on the balcony too, place retractable awnings. Another option is to place a wooden tent, mounted on a separate structure. Permeability is important to allow air to flow freely, so it is not advisable to use glass or acrylic.

Finally, we suggest that everything you place on your balcony is low maintenance and if the wood is properly sealed so as not to swell with moisture. if you need space to store some objects, we suggest using the lower part of the seats, you can make them trunk type or simply place plastic containers.

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