The Most Common Signs You Need A New Driveway

No matter how well you maintain your driveway, it will eventually require replacement just as all building materials require this over time. This is a large investment but there are ways in which you can significantly reduce the cost by allowing yourself time to save and prepare. After all, the key to getting a beautiful new driveway without being forced to dip into savings or other stashed money is to simply look for the signs that your current driveway is on the way towards the end of its lifespan.

The Most Common Signs You Need A New Driveway


Priory Paving is an example of a paving company capable of helping you replace or repair your driveway and it is always in your better interest to hire experts for this type of work. The most common sign that you need to replace the material already on your driveway is the formation of cracks over time. This is a common issue that is found in both concrete and asphalt surfaces after years of continuous use.

In many cases, oil, de-icing salt, gas, and other harmful substances penetrate the driveway surface and cause cracks to grow worse over time. If you currently live somewhere where freezing temperatures occur during the winter, it is likely that water will find its way into the cracks and then expand after freezing. This will worsen the cracks and cause them to become significantly worse in a matter of weeks or months, depending on the frequency of the freezing and melting cycles.


A crack may simply look a bit unsightly but a pothole can quite possibly cause damage to a car or injury to a person, which is a liability waiting to happen. These are especially tough on the suspension system and tires of a vehicle and this can cause costly repairs later on due to the disruption of your alignment. Some minor potholes may be repaired using the help of professionals but this is a temporary fix that can only be truly resolved with the decision to replace the material altogether.

New and improved formulas for concrete and asphalt, especially if you choose to seal either surface, will help to significantly reduce the chance of this problem occurring. Simply contact a reputable paving company to learn about your options in regard to protecting your surfaces and the pricing should be highly affordable if you know who to contact. The results will be beautiful and you will have more peace of mind during wet and frozen weather.


When a driveway is in great condition, water should run right off it with little trouble and cause little to no effect. However, drainage issues can lead to serious water damage, which will weaken pavement in many spots where water will gravitate and result in a large number of cracks and potholes. Whenever you notice water pooling and then remaining stagnant after rainfall, it is necessary to have a professional come to your property for a thorough and expert examination, with which they will help you find a solution.