How To Plan Your Bathroom Remodelling

If you are not happy with your old, small and heavily used bathroom then it is time to plan a remodelling session. Bathroom remodelling does not mean putting some new things and throwing everything old out of the window. It takes lots of effort and planning to get that perfect bathroom renovation.


To make it easy and effective for you, we are going to lay down a step-by-step strategy here. Now renovating your bathroom with these tips is easy and hassle-free.

  1. Think what you like and don’t like in your bathroom

Before going for a bathroom remodelling, it is important to make a list of your likes and dislikes about your present bathroom. Then you have to sort out the thing that you really don’t want to see in your bathroom anymore. Don’t forget to list down the old things that can still be a part of your future bathroom. You can collect few bathroom ideas from internetto ease your task.

  1. Consider Current Bathroom Plumbing and Electricity

Take a deep look at the position of plumbing pipes and electricity fittings in your bathroom. Try to chalk out a renovation plan that disturbs their position in possible minimal way. The more you need to reposition your pipelines and electrical fittings, the more you have to spend. So it would be wise to use the future setting in a way that coincides with the present one.

  1. Measure Your Walls, Windows and Doors

In today’s small cubicle like apartments and homes, space problem is common. We guess your bathroom is suffering from the same syndrome. So measure your bathroom walls, windows, doors and floor-space accurately to get a fair idea on what it can manage to adjust within such a small space.

  1. Which Finish You Are Looking For Your Bathroom

Your dream bathroom must be a reflection of your style and personality. So choose the textures and colours that you want to incorporate within it. Smooth and large tiles are perfect for small bathrooms. On the other hand, it is better to go for small and textured tiles if you want to focus on details. You can explore the vast world of tiles with bath and kitchen tile online. You can go to their plumbing tile section by clicking this link

  1. Follow 60-30-10 Colour Rule For Bathroom

The 60-30-10 rule is a great guide on how to fill your bathroom with different colours. 60% of your bathroom should reflect the main base colour including the tiles and floor. Mid-range colour should make up the 30% of the space with bathroom fittings and vanity cabinets. Remaining 10% is reserved for the colour that you want to highlight. This may be the colourful curtains or bath linens.

  1. Choose Bathroom Fixtures Wisely

The way you put on some jewellery or accessory to accentuate your dress, you must choose bathroom fixtures wisely to create that perfect ambience you are looking for. At zucchetti usa, you can check out a wide range of Zucchetti bathroom fixtures to choose the right style and design for your bathroom.

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