How to Install TV Bracket on a Wall?

We re often warned to screw a TV bracket with a heavy set to a wooden wall with an empty space inside. There’s a risk that the whole bracket would collapse to the floor, along with the TV. However, the same thing can actually happen with concrete wall. It is often said that concrete is a sturdier material compared to wood. It won’t be tirn easily by the weight or as flimsy as wood, but there’s still a limitation to concrete as a material. In general, concrete with specific mixes can be quite fragile when larger amount of weight is concentrated to a small area. The TV bracket it self should be tested for different weights and sizes of TV. It should be able to sustain specific TV models. Some homeowners choose generic TV bracket and it ends up being too small for the TV model they purchase. The problem can be made even worse when the surface of the wall has questionable strength to support the heavier TV set. Cement is stronger than wood, but it may still get loose when the TV bracket isn’t installed properly.

How to Install TV Bracket on a Wall

One advantage with using wood wall and an empty space inside, is that we can hide wires and cables. With concrete and cement wall, we should have a proper foresight to decide where these cables and wires should be located. For newly constructed houses, we could install conduit that has protective type. There are multiple conduit pipes that can run through inside the wall and it can be used to accommodate multiple cables. However, we should be aware that these conduits can’t be moved or removed without destroying the wall. It means that the position of the TV bracket and the TV itself are pretty much permanent for many years. If we plan to set up external conduits on the surface, we should make sure that they would blend properly with the texture and color of the wall. Using conduits, both internally and externally above the wall surface is a better option, because we can ensure an orderly and neat appearance.

Some home entertainment systems may also have boxes that are mounted on the wall, which contain some cables, wires and electronic panels. These boxes can be installed alongside the bracket. This will prevent that we have a harder time connecting wires and cables. When we do this, it is important to make sure that everything is properly in place and work properly. Improperly located conduits and brackets could makes access to wires and cables harder to do. Some concrete or cement wall can be covered with a wallboard, so we should make sure that we have drilled deep enough into the actual concrete wall. Whatever we do, we should assume that concrete wall is not a completely superior material. Improper treatment of the concrete wall could make the bracket and the TV to collapse to the floor. It means that we should be careful.