Garden Alternatives For City Centre Homes

Garden Alternatives For City Centre Homes

Living in the city centre has many rewards. Residents are typically very close to their work, to local entertainment, and to all the amenities they could possibly need or want. However, it is not without its challenges; one of which is the challenge that comes with limited space. Even relatively small apartments can cost a large sum of money, while finding somewhere with a sizeable garden means moving out of the city centre, or paying a fortune for property with some land attached. Fortunately, even if you live right in the heart of London, there are alternatives to the large family garden.

You can still enjoy preparing and eating your meals outdoors, sitting outside in the summer, and even entertaining friends and family. Or, if you are really restricted for space, you can create a living wall; you may not be able to sit out on a living wall, but you can look out over it and enjoy its natural beauty too. Using a garden designer that specialises in city spaces can open up a whole new world of outdoor options for you.

Garden Alternatives For City Centre Homes

Many apartments and flats have balcony space. Although there may not be a lot of ground space, there is still ample space to add pots and planters, and to fill these with attractive plants that not only look great but smell amazing too. You can grow herbs and start a kitchen hanging garden, or you can add a small bistro furniture set so that you can sit out and enjoy meals and a drink. You do need to ensure that you opt for plants that will survive with restricted light and water, and you will need to ensure that they are planted in such a position that you can easily reach them for maintenance and for watering.

The roof of a building offers a lot of space, but there are a lot of potential challenges to overcome and obstacles to consider before you start designing your roof garden. Primarily, you should ensure that you have permission to use the roof space and that it is safe and sturdy enough to cope with any extra weight. Use planters, ensure that there is a secure balcony, and secure any items down because the wind will catch them and you could end up with more than a damaged roof if things go wrong.

Living walls do not offer a place to sit or to prepare and eat food but they do offer green space, which many people that live in cities desire. Plants that require no maintenance, and that grow vertically are planted in a substrate that is held back by wire mesh. The plants grow over time and this gives a fuller and even better looking green wall. If you create a green wall on your own property, you may not be able to see it, but you could encourage others to do the same so that you live in a beautifully green space.

The Garden Club London can design, plant, and maintain, beautiful looking outdoor spaces in any area. Whether you have a balcony, roof, or you want to create a green wall, they can ensure that you get the greatest benefit from your new outdoor space.

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