Essential Things To Accomplish Before Moving Into A New House

Essential Things To Accomplish Before Moving Into A New House

Get your life in a new house off to a great start with lovely paint combinations, switch plates, new locks, and deep cleaning. If you’re finally about to move into a new home, then these tips will help you get everything in order. Fixing up the yard, touching up the paint, cleaning the siding, etc. The tips below will especially help those homeowners who are purchasing a home from a previous owner.

Essential Things To Accomplish Before Moving Into A New House

Here’s a list of tasks that you should consider doing.

Paint the walls and ceilings. Since this can be very time-consuming, you’ll probably need to hire professionals to help out. There’s no point in just painting damaged walls and ceilings – if there’s obvious holes, cracks, and other defects, just slapping paint won’t help. Consider a neutral shade of color for every room if you’re doing it yourself and you’re short on time. This makes it easier and limits the number of decisions you’ll have to make. You can always go back and repaint rooms the color you want and as time permits.

If you’re moving into a new property in a great location like the house and land packages in Perth, then leaving the colors as is and simply adding color accents and decorations will be enough.

Change the locks on the exterior doors. As soon as you’ve closed the deal and you’ve received the keys to your house, buy and install a new set of locks or have a locksmith come to the house to switch them out for you. Let’s face it, the previous owners, maintenance folks, realtors, and who knows who else may have keys to your place. As a necessary step to make this house yours and for complete peace of mind, get new locks immediately.

Do a general cleaning. While most previous homeowners or the realtor himself/herself will leave the house clean for you, some won’t bother. Even if they do, it’s a good idea to clean everything for yourself. You can also hire a service to do this if your time is tight. If you’ll do it yourself, set up an area with all of the tools and supplies you’ll need to get the job done.

Clean the mechanical equipment. Or hire a service professional if you don’t have the expertise. Getting the cooling and heating systems cleaned and other routine mechanical or electrical tasks is important for safety reasons.

Give the windows some love. Whether you prefer custom-made ones or temporary IKEA shades, you’ll want something on your windows – both for that finishing touch and of course, extra privacy.

Install switch plates and other devices. Most older houses, especially those that have endured a succession of renovations from previous owners, will have mismatched outlets, discolored and dirty cover plates, and damaged or rusted vent covers. Replace these if the budget allows making a home fee newer, and of course, cleaner.

Still choosing a house to and community to move into?

If you’re currently in the process of home-hunting, then some of the tasks above might not be an issue. What you need is an expertly built home in a great community, complete with all the necessary facilities and amenities for you (and the entire family). Check the house and land packages in Perth to see what a splendid neighborhood looks like.

Moving in soon? Tell us your to-do list!