Essential Maintenance Services For The Homeowner

Maintaining a property can be a challenge at the best of times, with so many separate systems like electric and water that require regular inspections, and the structure itself needs to be in good order, especially when faced in the British climate. If you happen to be new to the real estate ownership club, here are some important points to bear in mind.

The Roof

This is a critical component of any building and you should regularly carry out a visual inspection, looking for broken or dislodged roof tiles, and also the guttering and downpipes will have to be cleaned out, as they tend to get blocked with leaves and small twigs. If you know of a reliable roofing contractor, it might be an idea to have him visit twice a year and carry out any roof repairs that are necessary. If, on the other hand, you are not familiar with a local roofer, your online local directory would be the easiest way to contact a local roofing contractor.

Essential Maintenance Services For The Homeowner


The plumber deals with anything connected to water, which would include the waste water system that runs into the main sewers, and unless you are experienced, it is advisable to call in a plumber. Water leaks can cause serious damage, especially if left for any length of time. Often, the first indication of a water leak is a damp patch of plaster, which will have to be removed to get at the source of the leak. In the event you have an undetected leak, a plumber would use modern leak detection systems that identify the leak source without having to remove floorboards or dig holes.

Appliance Repair

All the household appliances endure heavy use, and sooner or later, that washing machine will cease working, and if that is the case, check on Thomson Local for washing machine repair services, and you will find the ideal company in the area. Dishwashers are also prone to the occasional breakdown, as are dryers and stoves, and the manufacturer would recommend maintenance and would also stipulate the frequency. If all of your appliances are kept clean and have the occasional inspection, you should receive many years of good service, and anytime you need specialised service, your local online directory would be the place to look.

Appliance Maintenance

Most appliances will have a filter that needs to be either cleaned or replaced, depending on the model, and all hose connections should be carefully inspected, as cheaper versions can quickly corrode and if you experience a burst pipe, a lot of water will enter the home, and after turning off the water at the mains, the next thing is to call in an emergency plumber, and your local online directory will reveal the whereabouts of such a service. Often, when buying a new appliance, you can opt for a maintenance plan, and the manufacturer or retailer will send a technician to your home at specified intervals. Some plans run for as long as 3 years, and by taking out such a contract, you can rest assured that the appliance is in good condition. This can actually save on energy bills, as an efficient heating system will use much less energy to perform the same task.


If you are based in the UK, damp is a real concern, and although modern homes are built with a damp proofing layer, this can erode over time, and many older buildings are prone to damp, which causes both wet and dry rot. Find a reliable damp proofing company and have them inspect the property, only then can you eliminate damp from your list of concerns. This is especially important if you are thinking of buying property, and a thorough survey should be carried out to ensure there are no structural issues. Here is an interesting article on the dangers of damp in the home that highlights the need for protection.

The Exterior

Your home might be brick, timber, or a concrete rendering, and whatever the surface, it will need protection against the elements. Modern paints are extremely durable and the painted surface actually stretches in the summer, avoiding cracks, while providing a good layer of insulation. If you think it’s time to revamp the exterior, consider texture coating, as this offers many benefits, and effectively seals the exterior surface. Timber obviously requires special attention, with either paint or perhaps varnish to protect it, and a repaint would be necessary every now and then.

Electrical Issues

Once a house has been wired and installed correctly, very little should go wrong, and very often, we prefer to have some extra sockets or add to the lighting, and this is the time to call in the electrician. If you are unlucky enough to experience a power failure and it is not the main power supply, but something internal, then you will need to call an electrician. Often, a power surge can cause the safety cut to switch on, so you would need to reset this and the power supply should return.

The Grounds

Typically, a home would have a garden and this will need to be well looked after, especially if you have large trees. It is important to do regular tree pruning, though if your trees are near power lines you may want to hire a professional tree surgeon. Branches that overhang the roof are particularly dangerous, and apart from the risk of roof damage, the leaves will clog up the guttering, so these limbs are best removed.

Fencing and Gating

Of course, one cannot forget the perimeters of the property, and with security in mind, your fencing needs to be adequate. Timber will require regular treatment, while stainless steel or aluminium will not require any maintenance and are popular for that very reason. Your local online directory will put you in touch with a fencing specialist who can show you the many options you have.

Maintaining a family home is not a full time job, but you do need a host of essential services that you might have to call on, and with all these numbers in your smartphone memory, you are equipped to deal with anything.