Checking the Roof and Gutter After Winter

In areas with sub-tropic and temperate climates, houses are typically subjected to an extreme swing of natural forces. The conditions between winter and summer could vary widely, they would test the very limits of even the most durable constructions. Among the most vulnerable parts of our house are gutter and roof. In this case, we should make sure that our house stays dry and safe, even in an extreme weather situation. Time and constant exposure could cause breaches in waterproof barrier and this could lead to major structural damages. After the winter, it should be a good time to inspect the house for any sign of damage. While the skies are clear and the extreme weathers of the next winter are still months away, it should be a good time to check the roof and gutter for any sign of deterioration. Gutter and roof should be able to last for many years, but weather related damages could eventually develop. We should look for external signs that something is wrong with these important components. Indications that something is wrong can be quite subtle, but we should be able to find any hidden signs of structural damages.

Checking the Roof and Gutter After Winter

If not repaired quickly, failing gutter and leaky roof could result in real damages to wall, timber, foundations and other parts of the house. Moisture may penetrate into the light fittings and electrical wiring. We could also encounter partial or complete ceiling collapse. For proper assessments, inspections should be performed from the ground level. We often need to use a ladder to make a closer inspection of the house. Room extensions, verandahs and carports can be checked from the ground level. If we are not sure about the actual condition of the house, we shouldn’t hesitate to gain professional opinions, Early indications of water damage around leaky roof and failing gutter is dirty marks around the nearby wood. We could also find rusty nails and it’s a tell-tale sign that some moisture has accumulated in the area. To the untrained eyes, this symptom may appear to be from the wood itself. However, there’s a good sign that they problem is caused by failing gutter and leaky roof. Slight discoloration on wood and metal objects may seem to be harmless, but after a few years; they would start to crumble, risking the whole integrity of our house.

Moisture may accumulate behind the fascia and scotia. Wood has an absorbent nature and when too much moisture is absorbed, it is possible that wood rot would occur. Fungal disease could likely happen and the structural integrity of the wood could become compromised. Collapse could happen without warning and it all starts with slight discoloration on wood and metal objects. Water damage and rust around gutter should become more visible in the second or third years after damage occurs, By this time, some components of may need to be replaced. Damages around our house could cause real injuries, so it is important to repair them.

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