A Quick Guide to Choosing the Best Material for Your Patio

It’s definitely a hard decision to choose between several options to decorate your patio and other outdoor areas.

When you select a hardscaping material you want for your garden, it’s hard to choose another material since it’s not easy to change once you selected one. There are many considerations you would want to think of like the cost, durability, and will it match the style you want.

To narrow it down, it all comes to two choices when it comes to hardscaping. In this article, we will compare and contrast two common materials for hardscaping, natural stone vs. concrete paving.

Consider the Style of Your Patio

Consider the appropriate material to use on your patio as you ponder over your patio’s function. Think of it as an overall design; envision what your dream patio will be.

Are you going for a well-balanced design or do you want it to look natural? Do you want it to complement your house’s colors? Or do you prefer to make it contrasting?

These kinds of materials come in various textures and colors. Some materials are fit for that old-fashioned look, while there are materials that would complement modern houses very well.

Depending on your location, the material that you would want to use should also hold up with different weather conditions.

Now, do you have an idea on what your patio would look like? Let’s move on and talk about the two materials that you can use for your hardscaping project.

One Material that Fits All – Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers can be applied to all types of choices and all types of surfaces. Whether you prefer a modern style or going classic with your patio, concrete pavers like Firth in NZ can offer different types of concrete solutions for your needs.

When it comes to shapes and sizes, concrete pavers can also be designed with an irregular shape, or in its traditional rectangular shape. Perhaps the advantage of concrete above the other types of materials is its variation in color. With this trait, you can mix and match the materials to your liking.

All Your Money’s Worth — Natural Stone

If you want to splurge money to make the best design for your patio, then a natural stone material will be your best choice.

Natural stone is also available in a variety of colors and sizes, but expect its variations to be “earthy” in nature. Natural stone can also be made up of a variety of materials like flagstone, slate, or limestone. Natural stone can define your patio’s design, whether you’re looking for a more classic or symmetrical design.

Yes, it is still important to note that natural stone is expensive because it has to be excavated from a quarry, hence it’s called “natural”. It can be difficult to install; natural stones are irregular in shapes and thickness. Your local weather can also affect the natural stone’s color and even damage it, too.

We hope we helped you decide on the appropriate material for your patio. You will spend time outdoor at your patio, and how it is designed and put up may complement or contrast your house’s architecture, so choose the material that you think will fit in nicely. Aside from that, consider if it’ll break your budget or if it’s economical to use depends on the size of your patio. Lastly, you might want to use a hardscaping material that can withstand the climate conditions in your location, and doesn’t need to be maintained so often.