What To Do If You Get Locked Out Of Your House

Whilst it is always a good idea to give a spare key to your house to a trusted friend or neighbour, you still have other options if you do not choose to do so. If your door has a spring-bolt type of lock, you may be able to gain access with a credit card. If you door features a deadbolt, then you are out of luck.

What To Do If You Get Locked Out Of Your House

Picking Your Lock to Get Inside Your House

If you attempt to pick a spring-bolt lock with a credit card, make sure that it is a card you do not mind damaging. An outdated gift card is a good choice in this instance. A laminated card is ideal, as its plastic is more flexible. In order to pick the lock then, insert the card between the door and frame at the juncture of the latch. Follow up by holding the card perpendicularly to the door. Begin wiggling and pushing the card. Whilst you are pushing the card, start to bend it away from the knob.

Make an Upgrade to Your Locking System

Try to slide the latch back from the door jam. Force your weight against the door at the same time. If you succeed at unlocking the door at this point, you need to contact a locksmith in Leeds immediately. After all, you just got into your house without too much difficulty. So, you need to see about upgrading your burglar-friendly locks.

A Simple Deadbolt Lock

A deadbolt lock is a good choice for an upgrade. You can choose from three types of deadbolts if you select this product. For example, you can select a single-cylinder or simple deadbolt. This lock is best used in a door that does not feature breakable glass.

A Double-cylinder Lock

A double-cylinder lock is a deadbolt lock that is operated by a key from either side of the door. This type of burglar-proof lock is often advised for doors that feature breakable glass. However, this type of lock can also thwart an escape in case of an emergency, such as a fire.

A Keyless Entry System

Deadbolt locks also come in keyless styles. These types of locks can easily be opened as you only need a password or a scan of a fingerprint to get inside your flat or home. The locks are closed with a knob or button.

Deadbolt Anatomy

When a deadbolt is used in a lock, it is often made of sturdy and hardened steel. The collar of the cylinder lock should be designed so that it is a challenge to grasp with a wrench or similar tool. A connecting screw on the inside of the lock is usually made of stainless steel. When the lock is installed, no screw heads should be displayed or seen.

Some of the Benefits

You will realise a number of benefits with this type of lock upgrade. For example, the one-of-a-kind locking mechanism of the product safeguards you from forcible entries or attacks. Whilst regular locks can be undone with the use of crowbars or opened with a knife, key, or credit card, a deadbolt is impermeable by comparison. Because it takes much longer to gain access to a home with a deadbolt lock, this also increases the likelihood that a burglar will be caught in the act.