Understanding Fence Construction Etiquette 101

When working in a fence construction project, we should make sure that we would have proper relationships with adjacent neighbors. The process could be quite difficult and complicated. In this case, we should know about fences etiquette. There are actually many disputes in neighborhood, between homeowners related to fencing issues. When we want to build fences on our property, we should also make sure that not only we follow the available codes, but we also have a full agreement with the nearby neighbors that we properly build our fences. Any kind of decorative detailed trimmings and overhang could actually cause a number of disputes.

There are different styles of fences that can be used in our house and it is preferable that our fences have some correlation with fences of nearby houses. We should know that people likely have different preferences and it is possible that neighbors don’t really agree with the style of our fences. They may want some kind of regularity and people would see that our fences would match with theirs. This is one big challenge that we should consider, especially because fences are one of the visual aspects of any house. It means that our fences should look quite similar with the one used in adjacent houses.

The best thing would be to knock on the door of our neighbors and to properly discuss about what we should do. In many cases, neighbors would fully support our intention and we would be able to smoothly continue with our project. Neighbors who don’t approve our projects could prove to be a real speed bump in our overall projects. It is quite common that neighbors simply don’t have enough time and money to complete with their own fencing construction project, so we should understand their situation and try to respect their condition. This should allow us gain more results from our overall projects.

Before performing any kind of home improvement project, we should make sure that we have excellent relationships with neighbors. This could start with simple greeting in the backyard from across the fences. Eventually, the conversation could become more serious with topics related to the actual home improvement projects. When it comes to the fences construction project, we could determine the style of the fences, location, height and wood type. The most crucial topic is where the fences should be located. Conflicts often arise when the fences are not constructed at the right location.

Even when the fences are constructed on our property, we may need to work at neighbor’s property, such as when constructing fences or painting them. According to rules, we are not allowed to touch the property of our neighbor, even just a quarter of inch beyond the agreed limits. However, it is possible that neighbors are kind enough. Not only they agree to allow us work on their property, but they may even help us during the construction project. This could happen only we have a good relationship with the neighbor.

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