Tricks for Getting Affordable Storage Deals in Pikeville

Are you among those looking to find a storage facility? If yes there is a high chance that you are probably thinking of how you might get a good deal right?

When it comes to the rental prices of these facilities, you will find that they usually vary depending on your location. However, this should not worry you.

In this article, I will show you some of tricks which you can apply when looking for a storage unit and still remain with a few extra bucks from your budget. These tricks can be applied regardless of your location.

  1. Look for new constructions

Well, since you are on budget, it is only necessary that you try and find the storage units with low prices. If you happen to know any storage facility which has just been finished, pay them a visit.

This might just be your lucky day because newly built units will always be running some promotions in order to attract more clients.

With new facilities, you can always be sure of getting a good deal compared to the already built units with a good customer base already. They might even give you a crazy discount and use you to refer clients to them.

  1. Try renting during slow seasons

If you have done your research properly or if you have interacted with people working or using the storage facilities, you would know what it means by the term “slow season”.

This is usually during the winter or the fall. Try renting during these seasons and you can be surprised by the kind of deals you will get.

You will most likely get a great deal at this period compared to during the summer when people are busy and everyone from college students to movers are trying to get a space to store their things.

  1. Choose wisely

Of course the more functionality your unit will have the more you will have to pay. Remember, if you know you are on a tight budget, you should avoid going for those units with a lot of features.

Unless you are planning to keep more fragile items like electronics you shouldn’t be needing things like climate control right?

This alone might increase your rental cost by around 30% to 50%. You should go for a unit that has only what you need and nothing much.

  1. Go for the right sized unit

Have you ever wondered why you pay a lot for your unit? You might want to check the size. This is usually one of the main reasons why most people pay a lot. Choosing the wrong size might prove to be a bit costly. You need to first conduct some research and look to find the right sized unit that your items will perfectly fit in. if you are not sure, you can always reach out for help from the manager on site. You can also use online resources to help you know more about each and every unit space.

  1. Make use the discounts

Most of the storage facilities usually offer special discounts for college students, organizations, the military and the seniors.

You should also try to use these discounts to your advantage and you might end up saving around 10% to 15% on the rent each month.

 For instance AAA members often can get to use the facility free for up to a month and an Amazon gift card worth $20 if they book a unit through SpareFoot.

Taking advantages of these offers will always help you to cut down on the cost you spend on the units.

  1. Try bundling the services

This can also help you save some extra cash. This means that you should try looking for the companies that offer both storage and moving services.

There are other facilities that will just come and pick your things and transport them to the facility. They will also bring them back when you want.

This is usually known as Full service storage. This can really come in handy if you are planning to have a long term commitment.


These are just some of the few tricks you can use to find yourself a great deal when it comes to renting storage units. You can also visit Pikeville Self-Storage and learn more about storage units in Pikeville.