The Pros and Cons of Using Oak Doors in Your Interior Design

Oak Doors in Interior Design: A Great Option for Almost Any Home

When you look at the doors in your home, what do you see? Are they strictly functional barriers between spaces or are they an integral part of the room, complimenting the décor and adding value to the rest of the space through their other properties?

Maria from internal door company Doors Galore said “Oak doors can be so much more than a simple door.“ Whether they are used for your interior or exterior design, they become aesthetically and functionally important parts of any space. Particularly when considering your interior design, this allows you to leverage the doorway to your advantage and to the benefit of your design plans.

Pros and Cons of Oak Doors

Even when using a high-quality material like oak for a door, there are certain downsides that need to be considered when making your purchasing decisions. The level to which these factors are important will depend on your goals and style and what is a negative for someone may be a positive for somebody else. What are the pros and cons of using oak doors for your interior design?

Pros of Oak Doors

  • Extremely Durable

Oak is a strong material, which makes it perfect to be able to absorb the wear and tear that is unavoidable on a door. Its strong fibres allow it to resist wear for longer than other materials and when it does wear, it can do so in a beautiful way that can add to the look of the door as opposed to detracting from it.

  • Excellent Insulators

Oak is a sound and temperature insulator, keeping out the noise and keeping in the heat or cold (depending on the season).

  • Environmentally Friendly

Oak is a sustainable material and when it is responsibly sourced, it is a far more environmentally friendly material than many other door options.

  • Easy to Match with Existing Décor

While oak doors may be on the darker side of the colour spectrum, they can be stained to match the colour of most existing décor and come in an endless variety of styles, adding a touch of elegance to any room in which they are installed.

Cons of Oak Doors

  • Cost of Wooden Doors

The initial cost of installing oak doors could be higher than choosing a door of a different material. This negative should also be weighed against the lifespan of an oak door in comparison to another material.

  • Moisture Sensitive

Oak is more moisture-sensitive than some other materials so it needs to be treated for moisture and should not be used for certain applications where the exposure to moisture would be too excessive.

  • Maintenance Requirements

Due to the weight and characteristics of oak, oak doors and their hinges must be maintained regularly to ensure that the doors stay in great shape.

  • Natural Grain Pattern Variation

Some people may find the variation of the grain pattern to be a negative aspect of oak because you cannot guarantee the exact look of an oak door. For others, this may be a design feature as opposed to a flaw so this con could be considered either a pro or con depending on your style.

Oak Doors in Interior Design

Choosing the perfect door for your interior design is not as simple as choosing the material from which the door is made. Understanding the full spectrum of what the door can add to your space should inform your decisions as well. Knowing the pros and cons of oak doors will help you choose the best door for your interior design goals.

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