The Battle Of Materials !

Lockers come in various shapes, sizes, materials and designs. It entirely depends on the customer who is purchasing as to which type of locker would be apt for premises and accordingly a decision could be taken.

When we go shopping we purchase clothes keeping in mind the climate, body structure, the occasion where it has to be worn and many such factors that influence our choice. The different materials used to manufacture lockers possess varied characteristics, where the choices have to be streamlined according to a definite criteria or condition.

We have lockers that are made from metal, wood, plastic and electronic. Different materials put the users in a dilemma as to which lockers are the best and what to be considered and what should be ignored. Let us dig through some of the fascinating features that attract the customers in buying the lockers of a particular material.

Metal Locker:

Though the initial costs are high as compared to other lockers, it is an epitome of an everlasting solution. A one-time investment that goes a long way in providing the best of benefits. With the quality of being durable in nature, it can store things and withstand pressure without affecting the look and feel of the product. No one likes to open their locker to pests and insects that are taking away the storage space. A metal locker make sure that there is no place for pests in the storage.

Plastic Locker:

When we talk about budget and maintenance then plastic lockers top the list. With a cost that is next to being minimal, plastic lockers could easily fit in the pockets of those customers who are afraid to burn a hole in their pockets. Due to its light weight, it becomes easy to transport from one place to another. One of the main characteristics that attract the buyers is that it is rustproof and do not corrode easily.

The banging of doors or against such lockers won’t produce sound with high intensity. It is up to 59 times more impact resistant than metal lockers. It cannot easily fall into the trap of being dented. Plastics are scratch resistant and the best part is that it has a low maintenance cost.

Wooden Locker:

We have lockers that are made from wood – an ode to nature. These lockers give an elegant look to the place where it has been graced. We can find such type of lockers in places such as country clubs, fitness centers, schools, spas and even in houses. One of the convenient factors that define the advantage of such locker is the ease that is required to maintain it.

Electronic Locker:

Electronic lockers are the new age lockers that contribute to the elegance and the security features. No need to be worried about losing your keys. You just need to remember your password or the card through which your locker could be accessed. In case you forget your password or the card it just takes a fraction of second to get it retrieved. You need fewer eyes on the security of such lockers as they are digitally trained to maintain and discipline themselves.

With the market offering variety in the products, go for those products that provide the maximum benefits and covers all the criteria that you have listed out before making the right purchase.