Signs That Your Roof is Damaged

We should be able to easily find early signs of roof damages and this could be more apparent on iron roof. At first, we may find obvious patches of rush, with rusty or dark streaks that appears on the surface. The smallest indicator should be a sign of bigger problems. When the rust eventually breaks through the surface, it is likely that a big area underneath has already been damaged. Loose nails are signs that the iron roofs are failing. If we spot one, we could be sure that the iron sheet would need to be strengthened. If there are missing screw and nail, the roof is no longer properly sealed and this would increase the chance that the wind goes under the sheet. The constant exposure to wind will constantly weaken the iron roof and in a stormy night, it may eventually fail with a loud bang. Sheets of iron that band in strong wind should be considered as a tell-tale sign that something needs to be repaired. When one sheet of iron starts to get loose, it would eventually affect the whole roof. Early repair may be as simple as replacing and securing nails and screws, without replacing even one sheet of iron.

Signs That Your Roof is Damaged

Tiled roof is generally quite durable, but it would eventually deteriorate due to sun exposure. The contraction and expansion of the supporting wood that happens each day could also cause slight pressures to the tiled roof. Eventually, we could spot broken mortar and loose ridge capping. These are common signs that the roof should be immediately repaired. At first, leaks will occur and when the ridge becomes completely unsecured, it would slide down during a strong wind and heavy rain. This could cause serious flooding and water damage inside the house. Cracked tile is also a common reason of roof looks. At specific times, someone may have stood on an unsupported center and this would cause cracks on the entire width of the tile. Harmless breaks and cracks could become more serious and the tile would need to be replaced. When the tile has become discolored due to rain and sunlight exposure, it could be difficult to spot cracks. Small cracks could get worse each year and eventually tiles will break completely. In this state, areas in the roof could start to accumulate water where fungal spores and pathogens would develop.

By repairing roof quickly, we should be able to restore it to its former glory. Tiles should be restores functionally and aesthetically. Unfortunately, restoring tire is the easier task and the problem could become more complicated if the concealed structural wood support has been damaged by constant exposure to moisture. We should also be aware that tiled roof is heavier than iron sheet, so we need a strong wood structure to ensure that it won’t collapse. Termite infestation is another problem that we need to consider. Insect extermination and fumigation are tasks that need to be performed regularly.

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