Need to Improve Space? Granny Flats Provide Space and Cost-Efficiency

Do you need to add more to your property? More space is essential, providing a budding new family or elderly family members with some breathing room and a sense of family. They can give an aging family member the comfort of living with relatives while maintaining independence.

There are a multitude of benefits that come with the acquisition of a granny flat. From more personal space to independence, affordable temporary housing, and financial cushions, granny flats are truly the future of property management.

Granny Flats

Known professionally as an accessory apartment or accessory dwelling, granny flats are a cost-efficient, beautiful alternative to remodelling a house or cramming other family members into an existing space. Called the “mother-in-law” apartment in the United States, granny flats are becoming more prevalent in the age of multigenerational housing. Since children are staying home longer in recent years, these flats are a great buffer between a child living at home and finally moving out and finding an apartment or home of his or her own.

Need to Improve Space? Granny Flats Provide Space and Cost-Efficiency

Many granny flats are outfitted with monitoring equipment, modern amenities, and sometimes full kitchens so you can take comfort when considering and examining granny flats in Perth prices.

The added security benefits of adding a granny flat to your property are numerous. On a fundamental level, the proximity to the main building offers easy and quick access to and from the flat. This closeness allows a more cohesive familial unit by enabling everyone to share household tasks or childcare responsibilities.

Due to the space restrictions, the occupant will most likely have to cut down his or her inventory of personal property substantially. This, however, works to his or her advantage as he or she can carpool with the residents of the home and declutter his or her life in the process.

Added rental income eases the financial burdens placed on the original homeowners with a possible rental yield of up to ten percent. It provides homeowners a secondary source of reliable income to add a nice fiscal cushion to their lives as well as helping them to pay off their mortgage faster. This financial benefit goes further as a granny flat could even increase the curb appeal of your home, being considered attractive by investors.

If you’re not using it to house a tenant, you could easily use it as a valuable, quiet work space. This, in turn, saves an astronomical amount of money that you would normally spend on lengthy commutes, food, and gas. It can also be used as a quiet hobby space, allowing you to sew, paint, and build separate from the main house. The versatility of granny flats speaks for itself, financially and physically.

Acquiring a Granny Flat

Being able to be easily built in most residential zones, granny flat measurements are specified to match an existing block or space. You aren’t just relegated to one or two sizes either: granny flats can come in nearly a dozen different models ranging from 50m2 and 70m2. The wide range gives you the freedom to choose your personal specifications, giving your property both style and efficacy.

By meeting with a representative, you can better define what your personal vision of the flat will be by customising every aspect from colour to materials. Using cost-efficient methods, the scale of personal customisation is breathtaking and revolutionary.