Landscaping Tips To Improve Your Comfort and Lower Energy Costs

For homeowners seeking to improve comfort and lower energy costs, focusing on landscaping may be your best bet. Although it may seem counterintuitive, fine-tuning your landscaping is a great method of reducing costs and making your home feel more comfortable in general. No matter how big or small your home may be, finding ways to increase comfort while reducing costs should be the top priority of every homeowner. Check out the following tips to help you do just that.

Landscaping Tips To Improve Your Comfort and Lower Energy Costs

Landscaping for Shade

If you are seeking a natural method of lowering energy costs, landscaping is one of the best options. There are plenty of ways to improve your landscaping to make it more energy efficient. Using trees, vines, and other shrubbery, you can create a home that is naturally cool in the summer but also holds in heat during the winter months. Adding an awning is another good idea to prevent sunlight from hitting the side of your home.

Just Add Water

Although water is certainly not a resource to be wasted, adding a liquid component to your home can help not only keep your lawn healthier, but it can also help to cool your home and those in it. No matter if you create a small pond, use the sprinklers, or utilize any other creative method of incorporating water you can think of, adding water to your lawn or garden can provide a low-cost way of staying cool.

Regardless of which type of water you choose, don’t abuse it. Water is a very precious resource, and while using a little can be great for your lawn, using too much can not only adversely affect your home but also the general well-being of those around you.

Just the Trees

Next, planting the right trees around your home can be one of the best methods of reducing energy costs. As mentioned, the landscaping around your home can play a major role in the general level of energy efficiency. By planting the right trees, your home will receive plenty of shade during the warmer months. Furthermore, trees can also be instrumental in providing shade for your HVAC unit.

For instance, the Easter Redbud is a great option because it is attractive and is known for lower limbs, which can easily be trimmed during the winter months. Moreover, the Smoketree is also a great option because it is a small blooming tree known for providing great shade without requiring a ton of maintenance.

Overall, there are plenty of methods of reducing energy costs while increasing the level of comfort of your home. In addition to planting the best trees and adding water, paying closer attention to your landscaping in general is equally important. Although many of these things may seem to be easy to execute, trying to go it alone may cause more harm than good. Therefore, before you begin any major maintenance or upgrades to your home, be sure to consult with a professional you can trust.