How to Properly Clean Your Wallpaper?

It’s important that we thoroughly clean the walls of our home. Clean walls could make our house feels fresher. Regardless of the type of finish and how it’s applied, dust and unwanted particles may accumulate on the surface of the wall. Before cleaning the wall, we should remove all pictures and any decorations. Furniture should be moved away from the walls and dust must be removed, especially in corners, moldings and baseboards. We may use a vacuum cleaner with soft hair brush. In many cases, cloths can’t be used for this kind of chore. When cleaning dust in these areas, we should use the proper methods. Some wallpapers are washable and even if the manufacturer claims that the paper can be cleaned with damp cloth, we should be careful and try to clean a small area first. When using wet sponge or rag, we should try to remove any excess water by squeezing it properly. After we are sure that the rag is not excessively wet, we should wipe the wallpaper with light touches.

How to Properly Clean Your Wallpaper

With cheap wallpaper, it is possible that the colors become blurry, because it may have delicately thin paper and lower-grade ink. In this case, we should avoid using soap and detergents that may progressively dissolve ink. We should work our way up. If there’s excess water in the rag, water won’t run down, soiling a larger area of the wallpaper. We should use light strokes and when wiping the surface, we should try to overlap some areas. It is preferable to have a couple of people to clean the wallpaper. Soon after the surface is cleaned with damp cloth, the other person should immediately pat the area dry gently. Watch the water in the bucket and when it start to look murky, we should replace it. Heavy washable, high-quality wallpaper should be more durable and can be cleaned with mild liquid detergent and a bit more moisture. Again, we should avoid applying too much pressure when we rub the surface. Because we use detergent to clean the surface, the other person should use clean, damp cloth to rinse it immediately.

It’s important to perform daily care of the wallpaper, especially if there are new stains and marks. Pencil marks and light smudges can be removed with standard art gum. Soft cloth and cleaning fluid can be used to remove some crayon marks. However, when trying these methods, we should test on a small area first. Washable wallpaper can be cleaned more easily and warm soapy water should be enough to remove marks and stains. Some stubborn stains of ink may nee to be removed with ink eradicator that we can purchase in some drugstores. However, we should be aware that stronger stains removal products could remove colors from our wallpaper as well. Before removing any stain on the wallpaper, we also need to remove any kind of solid particles. Warm soapy water can also be used to wash lacquered wallpaper.