How To Build A Man Cave On A Budget

Every man dreams of a man cave decked out with gear from their favorite teams, multiple TVs, plush and comfortable furniture and a fully stocked bar.  A place to enjoy the big game or just chill with your buddies doesn’t seem like too much to ask, but that pesky budget gets in the way all too often.

There’s so many ways to get the man cave you want on a budget.  There are lots of great blogs that offer interesting ideas and great ways to save money.  Even if you’re not the DIY type, you can find lots of great additions to your man cave at local discount shops.

Best Blogs to Follow

The Markdown Market

How To Build A Man Cave On A Budget

The Markdown Market is a great place to find lots of information of discounts, deals, and bargains.  They have a great guide for online stores that will help you deck out your man cave.  It’s a great blog to follow if you are looking for simple ways to save money on all your purchases.  You find tips on the best apps to automatically locate the lowest prices and even suggestions on the best credit cards to use to maximize your rewards for all online purchases.  If you’re shopping online for affordable additions to your man cave, this blog is a must read.

The Saw Guy

The Saw Guy is loaded with guides that will allow you to craft and create all kinds of unique pieces for your man cave and your home on a budget.  The site has lots of videos and detailed step-by-step articles to show you exactly how it’s done.  They also have tons of great posts about affordable ways to deck out your man cave.  Whether you are looking to convert an old fridge into a kegerator or you want to create some artwork that doubles as a gun safe, this site has a long list of ways to help you out.

Next Luxury

Don’t let the name fool you.  This blog is filled with ways to build a man cave, or do some interior decorating, on a budget.  This website shows you lots of unique ways to use some of the seemingly useless trinkets and old items around the house to spruce up your man cave on a budget.  They have some interesting do-it-yourself woodworking ideas around the home.  The natural wood block turned into a pool cue holder is an awesome touch that won’t cost you anything if you have a chainsaw and some trees that you’re ready to cut down. You also find lots of interesting ways to use old sports equipment to decorate your man cave.


You may think of Pinterest as a site geared towards more feminine pursuits, but it’s really just filled with amazing ideas.  Their man cave images will provide you with a list of simple and affordable ways to add some nice touches to your man cave.  From eye-catching bar designs to pictures to creative liquor dispensers to comfortable furniture pieces, you’ll find a never-ending source of man cave ideas for a tight budget.  By checking out the way that people have turned small spaces into beautiful home bars is worth your time if you are looking for a fun do-it-yourself project around the house.

Thrift Stores, Pawn Shops & Consignment Shops

Many of these guides and resources for building you man cave on a budget remind readers that the best deals are often found by going out to local thrift stores, pawn shops and consignment shops.  It’s kind of like the old time saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”  We’re not suggesting you should stock your man cave with junk, though, quite the opposite.  These stores will offer you unique items that probably aren’t made anymore or slightly used furniture for a steep discount.  A quick search online may surprise you with how many great second hand stores you have in the area.  Starting making a point of stopping by to check out their current inventory, and you’ll be able to slowly build a great man cave on a budget.