How do you Choose Between an Aluminium Bi-folding or Sliding Door?

Picking out new doors for your property can be a drawn out, stressful process – with so many options now on the market it’s hard to decide on what would be best for you and your family.

Perhaps the two most popular choices among homeowners, however, are bi-folding and sliding doors.

These each have their own benefits and drawbacks, yet also offer some of the same things. Both, for example, boast an impressive opening, thus allowing users to enjoy either their garden or outdoor surroundings, or internal living spaces seamlessly.

To shed a bit more light on which would be most suitable for your property, some of the very latest buying guide ideas are outlined below, emphasizing some of their key features.

The Opening space

Bi-folding doors come out on top when it comes to this category. Offering up to 90% of an opening, these give owners complete access to the outdoors. As well as really ‘bringing the outside in’, they also allow for interiors to be filled with natural light and sunshine.

Sliding doors, on the other hand, only offer an opening of around 65% to 75% clear open space. Despite this being significantly more than patio doors, it is also considerably less than in bi-folding models.


Bi-folding doors may be easier to continually open and close, but they are slightly more intrusive than sliding doors. This is because they open inwards rather than rolling into place along the hinges – something that may be an issue if you are short of space, especially if you have furniture close to the doors.

Sliding doors open perfectly in line using straight tracks, meaning that there is no protrusion whatsoever. Due to this they work very well with blinds and curtains, and are likely not to disrupt with the operation of either.


Bi-folding doors are ideal for smaller frames, with less than a two metre opening. Sliding doors, conversely, have particularly large panes, therefore require a bigger frame to be installed into. This has in some cases prevented them from being fitted altogether, so it’s best to enquire about the situation beforehand rather than being disappointed and if you are unsure speak to an aluminium bi-fold and sliding door specialist.


The prices of bi-folding and sliding doors can vary, but largely stay very similar. Because of this, the decision between both is really just a matter of personal preference.

We hope that the above information has been of some use, and can aid your future decision (should you be interested in purchasing bi-folding or sliding doors).

It is important whatever style you decide it best suits your individual needs. It is also worth thinking about how often the door will be used, whether you will be using the space to entertain guests and friends on a regular basis and when you wish to sell on a property. All these factors will be asked during the decision making phase and will enable you to pick the type of door that not only works for you now, but can work for you in the future.