Granite or Quartz Kitchen Worktops, Which Should You Choose?

Designing a kitchen can require a lot of research in order to successfully accomplish it. It not only has to be pleasing to the eye, but it also needs to be completely practical. It isn’t a stretch to say that every choice impacts everything else in the kitchen, because every single aspect is important. It doesn’t make things any easier when the choice of a proper kitchen worktop comes up; the top choice is between quartz and granite.

When it comes to the former, there is no denying its beautiful design. It’s completely obvious that it’s manmade, because you don’t get that kind of wonderful design through natural means alone. There’s a very big reason why quartz is the top choice for anyone looking for a true quality material. However, granite also has its own striking qualities, which makes choosing between the two rather difficult.

Granite or Quartz Kitchen Worktops, Which Should You Choose?

What is the main difference between the two materials?

The main difference when it comes to quartz and granite, is that the former is manmade whereas the latter is a natural formation. While they might be similar in quality, the way they look is very different. For example, you’ll see that quartz has a deliberate design, something that’s very obviously pleasing to the eye because it was made that way. Granite on the other hand is more erratic, with it being a natural stone. However, this also gives it a very special quality that you just can’t get with quartz because of how it’s created. Its uniqueness can’t be understated, while the same can be said about the unerring quality of quartz.

Are both durable and dependable materials?

As far as how it works as a kitchen worktop, you can definitely count on both types of materials getting the job done. They’re hardy and they’re very practical, which is why they’re some of the more expensive types of kitchen worktops out there. However, it certainly makes the job of choosing between the two a little more difficult because they are so similar in terms of quality.

Which one should I choose?

When it all boils down to it, your reason for choosing between either quartz or granite is purely an aesthetic one – because the quality is the same. Is the deliberate beauty of quartz more attractive to you? Or is the unpredictable design of granite more your style? While it’s still a difficult decision to make, your preference of design will certainly make it easier to make your choice.

However, no matter the choice you make, it’s obvious that both materials are winners. Whether you decide on quartz or granite, all you have to do is see how the material’s design affects the rest of your kitchen. Check out a granite or quartz worktop London suppliers offer and choose the one that you feel fits your kitchen’s design the best.