Don’t Move – Improve

Given the current state of the economy & the pending impact of actually triggering Brexit, house prices are likely to be fairly unstable for the next few years. Buying property has always been seen as a safe bet, however with the value of the pound predicted to fluctuate, moving house may no longer be a sensible route.

What you can do, is focus on improving your existing accomodation. You can vastly improve not only the value of your home, but the usability of a property with a few simple tweaks.

Understand your limitation & when to get the professionals in

If you are going to make a great room out of two or more rooms, some walls are going to need to come down. You can’t simply take a hammer to the walls and begin pounding away because, as you know, that just isn’t safe. First you need to locate all the electric wires to make sure you don’t cut through them causing a fire or electrocuting yourself. Then you need to know which of those vertical timbers are actually structural supports.

Some are just placed there as a backing for the wall boards but others are part of the structure and if you knock them down. It can’t be stressed enough that you shouldn’t fool with those electrical wires behind the wall. Not only is it a safety hazard, but it is illegal. If you are working on a project around London, you should consider using an electrician in Cambridge. They will be licenced to work in your area and will probably have some inside knowledge about the local council and planning approval, having worked on similar projects in the same location.

The Purpose of the Great Room – How to Enhance Its Appeal

Don’t Move – Improve

The purpose of a great room is to give the appearance of size, look for modern examples online for inspiration. Take some of the features of Feng Shui to heart, being minimalistic will help to give the illusion of additional space. never over-furnish a great room! Too much furniture clutters the room leaving it looking much, much smaller.

You can add windows along exterior walls which lets in greater amount of light. Dark rooms always tend to be smaller than they really are and light will also let you add mirrors to one side or the other to give the optical illusion of being much bigger than it really is. If you can’t afford to do this, make sure your walls are light and bright, dark rooms will make the space feel much smaller. Also consider adding in a feature wall, wallpaper is a very cheap and effective method of doing this, it will almost have the effect of a vanishing point.

DIY projects are just as much fun as they are practical but always make sure you only take on what you can reasonably and safely handle. Call in a pro if needed because your safety and the safety of your family depend on it.