Cast Your Burden In The Locker !

We often have that one friend who goes all the way in carrying your burden and making your journey a and weightless memorable one. Lockers can be defined as a student’s best friend – helping in carrying the weight of books and other personal belongings.

Shoulders are one of the most important body parts that need care and attention and cannot be overlooked. So what will happen when you carry school bags that almost weigh you down ? The neck , back and shoulders are the gross areas that are majorly affected by the weight of the bags. The students can be rescued from such situations by introducing a locker system in schools, which would drastically reduce the burden and make learning a fun experience.

Cast Your Burden In The Locker !

The importance of lockers has been emphasized from the time schools made advancements in their syllabus, which resulted in the increased use of study materials. The generation of today have a lot of pressure to be carried along with them that includes the mental as well as physical pressure. Lockers for schools are one of the best mediums to reduce the physical burden of the students to a large extent.

School lockers not only eliminates the burden of carrying a heavy backpack but also helps in inculcating the quality of being organized and well disciplined. A personal locker is allocated to each and every student along with the responsibility of its maintenance and care. A student learns how to manage and organize the things in the locker that will help him to be organized. Apart from this the school premises would also look neat with the standardization of lockers. Another benefit is that you won’t forget your important notes and books. How come ?They all are in the locker.

The Immobile Bag:

Why not give a new definition to the back packs that are being carried by the school pupils. Students often find it difficult in carrying the heavy load on their shoulders. Lockers could probably ease the burden by letting them keep the required things, making their bags lighter and easy to carry around. It is believed that carrying heavy weights for a longer period of time increases the chance of a back pain. This could be avoided with building lockers and reducing the weight of the bags to a considerable level. A bag is generally defined as an object that is used to put things in it and be carried along with ourselves. A locker also has the attribute of providing space for things, but does not allow it to be carried along with you. In short, an immovable bag that solves the problem of carrying the load wherever you go.

A Comfortable Second Home:

We all have heard the very popular phrase that states our school to be our second home. So what makes our school feel like our home ?

We have our guardians -(mother and father) who take care of us at home and the school also constitutes of guardians – (teachers and caretakers) who take care of us just like our parents. Our home is where we get to make mistakes, learn and develop. Same goes with our school where we make mistakes, learn new things and grow to be a civilized human beings. We do have a cupboard at home that keeps all our belongings in place and in an organized manner. We do not carry our clothes and belongings wherever we go, isn’t it? Only the required things are carried by us. Can’t the same system be applied in the schools ? Yes, it can be with the adoption of the locker system. Just like our house if we have a locker in the school then children can walk freely around and carry only those books and materials that are needed.

Lockers can be best described as the railway porters that are ever ready to carry all your luggage and bags so that you can walk freely without giving any trouble to your shoulders and back. It is now time that the school takes the initiative to hire a tangible porter for their students and enhance the concept of School – A second home.

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