Bathroom Design Ideas That Make Life More Convenient

If you’re embarking on a bathroom remodel project, you can add more value to your home if you consider including new and convenient features for this important space. Putting helpful features into your bathroom can help you shave minutes off of your morning routine. Here are some unique ideas to help you create a more convenient bathroom.

Put Shelving Into the Wall

One of the most important things a bathroom needs is plenty of storage for towels, toiletries, and other supplies. During a serious bathroom renovation project, you can fix a lack of storage by purposefully creating small shelving areas around empty wall spaces. Shelving areas above the toilet or inside of the bath and shower area can help keep your things better organized.

Consider an Open Shower

You can also put some thought into redesigning your entire shower experience. Instead of the traditional bathtub and shower insert, consider going for an open shower that brings more serenity into your bathroom. You’ll need some structural barriers that define the edge of the shower and a large drain for the entire room. An open shower can help give you more space for this daily task.

Install a Pullout Spray Faucet

An upgrade to your bathroom sink faucet can help you clean things more easily. Rather than choosing the standard chrome faucet, look at some other options available to give you better access to your sink. A contractor, such as Southern Air & Plumbing, can guide you through the process and fix all household plumbing issues.

Try a Self Cleaning Toilet

Another cool update you could add to a boring bathroom is a high-tech toilet that cleans itself. With the right toilet, you could help eliminate the need for the unappealing chore of cleaning the bathroom every few days. You’ll need a big budget to get the self-cleaning toilet of your choice. A skilled plumber can help you find the right commode model that fits your budget. If you can’t afford a pricey model that cleans itself, you could try for one with a better water flow to clean the bowl after each use.

Incorporate a Towel Warmer

Staying warm after stepping out of the shower is something that gets more uncomfortable as the temperatures outside begin to fall. Other than turning up the heat inside of your home, there’s not much you can do to warm yourself up quickly after a shower. You can add something to your home that’s not too pricey or difficult to install, a towel warmer. With a towel warmer, you can give yourself an instant feeling of warmth on a cold morning.

Use a Toilet With Overflow Protection

Mopping up a flooded bathroom after your toilet overflows is a chore that you should aim to avoid. One way to prevent an overflowing toilet is to look for a model that includes an overflow drain. Sinks more commonly have overflow drains to prevent water from getting all over your floor. More toilet companies are including this feature to help save your floor from a big mess.

Your bathroom redesign can work better for you if you include products to help make life more convenient. Besides your color and layout choices, consider adding new items in this space to solve some of life’s problems.