4 Considerations When Purchasing a New Bed Frame

4 Considerations When Purchasing a New Bed Frame

Choosing a new bed appears to be a straightforward proposition — find one you want and can afford, then buy it. While dozens of bed frame styles are available to choose, the main decision is whether to buy a wood or metal frame. Those two considerations can help you decide which type of bed to buy.

4 Considerations When Purchasing a New Bed Frame

Décor Style

When shopping for a bed, you need to consider your home’s overall décor as it will help you decide between a wood or metal bed. If your decorating style is ultra-modern or Victorian, a metal frame will fit in well, while a wood frame may seem too rustic. However, a wood bed frame may look better in homes with a traditional, rustic, or retro style of décor.


You should also consider the bed’s durability and longevity when selecting a bed frame material. Solid wood beds can last for decades without breaking from everyday use. However, when purchasing a bed, you should avoid buying cheap wooden bedroom sets, because the wood may not be solid and the material may not hold up as well against years of use.

A metal bed will provide years of enjoyment, depending on the metal from which it is made. A brass or iron bed frame can last for several decades, and they can be passed down in families for several generations. The following types of metal are used to manufacture metal frames:

  • Brass, a mix of copper and zinc
  • Iron
  • Steel
  • Aluminium

Budget Limitations

Both wood and metal frames are affordable, depending on how well they are constructed and from which material they are made. With a solid wood frame, if you get bored with its plain appearance or want to change the bedroom’s décor, you can strip the finish, sand the frame, and paint or restain it. There are several different stain or paint colours from which to choose, so create a unique piece for your home.

While many metal frames cost less than wood, there are more ornate designs that can make buying a metal frame costly. In addition, if the bed is handmade, the intricate design will add to its cost as well. However, a handmade bed is often a one of a kind piece that will last for decades and can be passed down in your family.

Ease of Assembly

When a bed is purchased from a store, they will usually assemble the parts prior to delivering it to your house. However, if you order a bed online or from a department store without delivery options, you will need to assemble it yourself.

Most beds are easy to put together, though a wood bed has more parts because it usually requires more fasteners to give the frame strength. Most metal beds are available in large sections that easily fit together. Though you may have a limited budget, you can find affordable beds for yourself or your family at bed shops, furniture stores, or online.